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The Legend of Stanze

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There seemed to be a theme for my 2017 weddings and unfortunately that theme was rain. It was June before we made it to our first no rain wedding of the year. JUNE.

Josh and Kelly’s Kansas City wedding was in April, and falls as number 3 on our list of rainiest wedding days. The day Daniel and I left Kentucky to drive to Kansas City I received a text from Kelly that said “We’ve seen the forecast, we’ve bought umbrellas in preparation we still want to take on the wedding day as already planned.”

Couples that are ready and willing to just roll with the punches on their wedding day whether it be weather or the icing sliding off the wedding cake (That actually happened at Dan and I’s wedding) are my sun ripened blackberry jam. Things are not always going to go by plan and if you can just brush it off, it can turn out more beautiful in the end.

After shooting this wedding I’m actually glad it was rainy and cold, we were able to produce a gorgeous gallery of images that really captured Josh and Kelly’s love and the love they are surrounded by. The documentary feel of their day is why almost a year later I am still obsessed with these images.

Now before you get into the images, let’s talk about some of these details. Josh and Kelly are intense nerds. Kelly first caught Josh’s eye because she was wearing an Avengers tee. Because they couldn’t decide on one nerd theme, they decided to do them all. Each table had a different theme ranging from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to Pokemon and Godzilla. Josh’s groom’s cake was R2-D2 and the wedding cake was topped with a batman/catwoman couple.

Kelly, who stands at an Earth-shattering 4’10 opted to have her wedding dress cut to tea length which could not have been more flattering on her and perfect for outside portraits on a rainy day. Her vibrant personality spilled over into the colorful bouquets and shoes her bridesmaids adorned.

She paid tribute to her dad by carrying his handkerchief around her bouquet and with a few bridals holding a black and white framed image of him.

And finally, one of my favorite details Josh and Kelly incorporated into their wedding day was the glass jar they set in a planter outside their venue to catch their wedding day rainwater!

You all are really going to enjoy this wedding!!

Married you are. A happy life you will have. 😉

Congratulations Josh and Kelly!

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  1. Kelly Stanze

    January 18th, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

    It was the best day ever. You and Dan were the best wedding photographers ever. These photos are the best ever. May the Force be with you.

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