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Everything You Ever Wanted in a Fall Engagement Session

You’ve seen it, once September 1st rolls around everyone turns into a pumpkin obsessed crazy person. I, myself, have had my fair moments pumpkin-lovin’ glory, so I make no judgement, however, for Michael and Valerie, fall festivities and each pumpkin-spiced moment isn’t just a season, it’s a way of life.

Michael’s family owns Cornucopia Farm in Indiana. This fall fun farm has everything to make all your perfect Instagram feed dreams a reality. I was so excited when 1. Valerie reached out to me shoot their engagement session and 2. More than anything they wanted this shoot on this farm.

I’m always happy to make a little road trip to a cool destination and a location with sentimental value for a session, so this two hour drive was a no-brainer for me!

Side note: My goats— Tecumseh and Tippecanoe came from Michael’s family farm a couple of years ago and I’m currently watching them take their mid morning nap in a hay pile right outside my office window as I type this. So a very full-circle life moment.

We’ve discussed how everything you’re about to see is the definition of fall fun, but what I really want you to take notice about is the weather. We started in the corn maze and shortly into shooting it started raining. It rained off and on, mostly on, between a heavy mist to full on raindrops the entire session.

Not. Once. did Valerie get discouraged or upset about the weather or what it was doing to their hair and clothes. They said, “well, it’s going to be what it is. We’re good if you are!” I just wanted to hug them both right then. Was it kinda a bummer I couldn’t capture a gorgeous sunset and glowy golden hour images for their engagement session? Sure. But what a fun story this images tell instead. The emotion and fun bursting forth makes my heart explode. And also… we shot this session on a Friday evening in October. As you might imagine — that’s their busy season. Taking a couple of hours off to take photos was putting everyone else on the farm in a bind, but since it did rain, the crowds were low and it worked out for everyone!

This session was FUN and sweet. Michael and Valerie’s love for each can fill a room (or corn maze) with joy.

Second shot in… this is when the rain started.

This cow was important because they both painted it.

Oh, heeeeyyyyy rain. I’m super obsessed with these though. They add a whole other level of romantic that we were all okay with.

Soaked, but still authentically happy.

Wardrobe change, a chance to dry out, a break in the rain and we’re off to the zinnia patch!

It’s nerve racking enough being in front of the camera. These two did it with crowds of people watching.

A sunset silhouette would have been nice, but this stormy sky silhouette helped tell the story of their session and that was most important to me.

I love this next set for a few reasons.

1. Until recently, they’ve spent their entire relationship long distance, so I asked them to walk across the room and hug each other like they do when they’ve been a part a while.

2. This is the exact spot where Michael proposed. …what I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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