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Amelia Six Month Session

I mentioned in my last post that Amelia is now almost a year old, but my last two posts are her newborn and maternity. Definitely check those out if you haven’t already, because I posted these three in a row for a specific reason. If you start with maternity and work your way to here, the most obvious change is Amelia.

I want you to look a little closer though. The change I also want you to notice through these is Kyle and Erin. Granted, I’ve only known them through documenting these moments but it’s so cool how you can witness the changes in them from maternity to here, from non-parents, to exhausted new parents, to this cute little family you’re about to see below.

While I don’t have children yet, I can’t speak from my own personal experience, it seems clients get caught up in just documenting the physical changes in their children, they forget the growing and changing of the whole family as a unit is just as important. This is why I am so happy Erin does family photos during every milestone of Amelia’s life so far. She will CHERISH these photos of her mom and dad with her someday when she is old enough.

Okay, enough of my mini-rant, check out these gorgeous images from fall. I wrote summer originally and had to fix it because it was SO HOT during this session and the mosquitos were so out of control, I forget this was actually taken during middle-of-harvest fall.

Her little smile is just the best.

Erin hung this hammock while her and Kyle were dating so she could hang out while he was in the field, this same hammock was used in their engagement photos, and now with their first child. I love that she thought to continue to document this spot since it is has seen them in all their seasons of life.

Quick a/c stop, Oscar approves.

Y’all. These next one makes me laugh every time.

Basically the same faces I make when I’m reunited with snacks, too.

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