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Wyoming Session –Announcing Baby Smith

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Apparently today is National Sibling’s Day?! I did not know that until I logged on to Facebook this morning BUT I was already planning to post this post, which is ironically about my sister.

Today is Part One of a Four Part Series chronicling the photo session journey of my niece, from Announcement to Birth.

I have these all rounded up and ready to roll out over the next four days (except Sunday, because Easter).

My sister told me the news over Facetime last July, and immediately followed up asking if we could photograph her announcement in Wyoming during our family vacation in September.

Our family tries to do an annual family vacation with as much of my mom’s family that can participate. Typically, that looks like Dan and I, my parent’s, My sister and brother-in-law, My aunt and uncle, my cousins and their families. Since we’re all scattered across the country, each year’s destination tend’s to be near someone’s home. 2019 was my aunt and uncle’s home in Lander, Wyoming.

You may have heard of Lander if you’ve ever watched the movie Wind River, but Lander sits right outside of the Wind River Reservation and is a short commute to Yellowstone.

I grew up spending almost every 4th of July with my family at my Aunt and Unlce’s home in Lander and this town and area will always hold a special place in my heart.

I thought about getting crazy for these announcement photos, Lander has so many crazy beautiful destination’s, but I was afraid if I did so, I would be taking the focus off my sister.

So what did we do instead?

We stepped out the back door and into my family’s backyard for 30 minutes while my mom and aunt finished up making dinner, the light was perfect and since this is their backyard view, it was a quick and easy session.

The little creek you see in these images is actually my aunt and uncle’s irrigation ditch. While I was shooting these of my sister, Alexis, on the ground, Daniel was behind me goofing off as usual.

I heard a splash, Alexis burst into laughter and turned around to see Daniel, mid calf deep in water. The tiny bridge across the creek he had been playing on broke beneath his jumping …and that is one of many examples of why we can’t have nice things.

One of my favs. Perfect light, horses, mountains, summer grass.

They went to kiss while walking and about broke Alexis’s nose. Real life sprinkled in the sweetness, y’all.

Be sure to look out for tomorrow’s post showing the Woodland Fairytale Baby Shower I threw for Alexis. It’s a fun one!!

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