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Chris + Lyndsey: A Stormy Summer Backyard Wedding

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If you’ve been hanging around my socials long you may have noticed a few Lewis sisters frequent this blog. I’ve photographed both Leah and Larissa’s engagement session and weddings, so when Lyndsey, the last sister to be married asked me to be her photographer I. WAS. THRILLED.

A little extra special tidbit about Lyndsey and her fiancé, now husband, Chris is that they both graduated high school with Daniel. You may remember Chris and Lyndsey’s engagement session here:

Chris and Lyndsey’s original wedding date was planned for August 18th this year. The reception was set to be in a local orchard with portraits to take place at this beautiful home named The Weather Berry.

Enter Covid-19.

You already know where this story is going.

With that a new date was scheduled, everything was moved for July 11th.

And like stink on a hog, or a bull in a china hutch, Corona stuck around to jack up things more. You guessed it, attendance numbers were implemented to enforce social distancing and with that the original venue plan was changed.

Throughout all of this, Lyndsey handled everything so gracefully. She mourned her original wedding vision, pivoted and came up with a new one.

She told me “well, plan three is a Father-of-the-Bride wedding. I’m getting married in the backyard.”

Can we just all agree to call wedding reschedules to family home backyards “Father-of-the-Bride Weddings” because it’s a good dose of happy nostalgia we all need more of right now.

So everything was set in place for a perfect, summer backyard wedding and then…

I received a call from the State health department on Wednesday the week of Chris and Lyndsey’s wedding informing me someone I had been in contact with had tested positive for Covid-19 and I was henceforth on a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

It took everything I had not to scream in a pillow just typing that last paragraph, even though I’m out of quarantine now. So, 10 straight hours on the phone trying to track down someone I could trust who was willing to take over Chris and Lyndsey’s wedding last minute, I introduced Leslie Rodriguez Photography to Lyndsey over the phone… and then I went outside, sat down on the concrete of my porch and sobbed.

I tell you all this, because while I think everyone deserves beautiful wedding portraits and a wonderful wedding day… Chris and Lyndsey like EXTRA deserved THE most happy of wedding days and beautiful wedding portraits.

Thank you to Leslie who drove in from Louisville to take over photographing this wedding day. Thank you for taking care of Chris and Lyndsey and the Lewis family.

And also, shout out to Daniel who ran back and forth from the car to the reception space while everyone was at the ceremony so I could double check his reception detail shots to make sure I approved. And then ran back and forth in the rain later in the evening to bring me Leslie’s cards for me to put on my computer to edit.

It took a village for this one, but we did it!

You’re going to notice an extreme amount of paper goods detail shots here in the beginning. When it was the only part of this wedding I was allowed to photograph (Thanks, Corona.) You can bet I wasn’t going to half ass it.

Alright, no more of my written words until you get to the reception. Just enjoy beautiful images of a gorgeous day this couple more than deserved!

— Chris + Lyndsey’s Vendor Team —
Associate Wedding Photographer: Leslie Rodriguez
Videographer: Mike Dunn, Evermore Productions
Floral and Event Design: Welborn Floral & Events
Invitations: Bailey Marie Studios
Lyndsey’s Dress: House of White
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Ella Park
Tuxes: The Earl
Hair: Bethany Norris & Morgan Kelly
Makeup: Haley London Berry
Cake: Becca Bakes
Custom Apples: Maggies
Pralines: The Kandy Kitchen, Savannah Georgia
Catering: Odelia’s

All of the Lewis sisters, that have been my brides, did a grand exit following their ceremonies with their bridal parties and immediate family. They each did something different: Leah threw leaves, Larissa hand streamer and Lyndsey did the ribbon wands you see below. I love how naturally this flowed every time. More of a YOU’RE MARRIED! YAY! Now let’s head to the reception! vibe and no one had to worry about breaking up a party.

More of this please.

Just like the excessive amount of invitation shots at the beginning, you’re going to notice a whole lot of reception details next. This was the only other part of the day ‘we’ (and by we, I mean only Daniel, I sat in our car with a mask on) were able to physically photograph ourselves since it was empty.

Now to the storm. The weather loomed on everyone all day, but thankfully held out until open dance floor at the wedding, and then the sky opened up and rained down.

I LOVE how no one was bothered, they just danced, drank, partied in their formal clothes in the rain.

No tent. No worries. Just happy. And also, if you look closely… pizza.

Congratulations Lyndsey and Chris! Wishing you both so happiness and a marriage that is much less dramatic than your wedding planning journey.

You made it!!!

a stormy summer wedding day

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