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Last Leaves of Fall Engagement Session – Zach + Paige

It’s funny, I’m in the midst of sharing ALL the shoots from 2018, but here in the beginning of that you are getting the last engagement session I shot… so super recent work. But I couldn’t let us get too far into December without sharing all the sessions from the gorgeous fall we had this year.

I say that, but Zach and Paige’s engagement session fell mid-to-late November, so past the prime of fall. Stunning fall color was important to them, but with my schedule and theirs… Late November was all we had to work with. Two weeks leading up to their session the wind started picking up and I watched as the trees at my house went from glorious to bare. Then came the snow. The week before their session it snowed.

I’m telling you all this, because judging from the images below, you would’ve never known there was barely an ounce of fall left when we shot these. Zach’s families land was tucked in this little safety net where fall was still hanging on, mix that with a little strategic placement and BAM, autumn!

I’m excited for you to see these, I’m excited for you to relive a little bit of fall with us, and I’ve REALLY excited for you to see these heart melting images of Zach and Paige with Zach’s hunting dog.

This next image is one of my absolute favorites, and all I asked them to do is for Paige to reach Zach and touch foreheads. THIS is why getting comfortable with the camera at an engagement session is SO important AND why the best photos are when people are naturally themselves.

Y’all… Is that fall color reflecting off the pond not magical?!?!

I can’t. Look how happy she is

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